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DESKTOP DSP Base Station Speaker

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The bhi DESKTOP DSP noise cancelling base station speaker is suitable for most radios, transceivers, receivers, and SDR radios.

The DESKTOP speaker uses bhi's unique DSP noise cancelling software to remove unwanted noise, hiss, hash, plasma tv interference, QRM and QRN to leave clear speech, enabling you to enjoy your listening experience without all the noise.

The DESKTOP speaker comprises a 4” bass driver and a 1” tweeter unit with an amplified bhi DSP noise cancelling unit capable of producing up to 10 Watts audio (peak), and the rotary controls on the side of the speaker make it very easy to use and set up to your own operating conditions.  

The DESKTOP speaker connects by using the A-DESKTOP-ACBL 3.5mm mono plug to 2 x 4mm banana plug audio lead, but it also has a line level input socket on the rear of the speaker so that you can connect to the line level output of an SDR radio, or computer line level audio output.  There is a 3.5mm headphone socket below the controls that can accept either 3.5mm mono or stereo headphones.

The DESKTOP speaker is supplied with the DESKTOP-ACBL audio lead, 1031-FPL 2.1mm fused DC power lead and user manual.

DESKTOP datasheet click here

DESKTOP user manual click here 

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Order code: DESKTOP price £179.95 incl' VAT (£149.96 NET)buy-it-now

Order Code: PSU12-2A 12V 2A DC UK mains plug-in power supply, with a C+ve 2.1mm DC output connector. This power supply is high quality and very reliable. It has built in Short, Over voltage & Over Current and Over Temperature protection £12.95 incl' VAT (£10.79 net)buy-it-now

Order code: A-DESKTOP-ACBL - 3.5mm mono plug to 2 x 4mm banana plug lead (supplied with DESKTOP speaker as standard) £9.95 incl' VAT (£8.29 net)buy-it-now

Order code ALD-007 3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug lead 1.2m long £2.95 incl' VAT (£2.46 net)buy-it-now

Order code: ALD-009 3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm mono socket (tip only connected).  For use with Elecraft K3 and similar radios with stereo output options.  Avoids causing damage to output stage of

Order code: DESKTOP_PSU_BUNDLE - Includes DESKTOP DSP speaker, PSU12-2A UK mains plug-in power supply and DESKTOP_FEET
Price £189.90 incl' VAT (£158.25 NET)buy-it-now

 Order code: DESKTOP_FEET - Set of 3 Rubber feet for the DESKTOP speaker, 2 x 16mm and 1 x 6mm.  16mm feet fit next to the front plastic feet. and the 6mm fits onto the metal bracket. Price £3.95 incl' VAT (£3.29 NET) buy-it-now