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NES10-2 MK3

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The NES10-2 MK3 Noise Eliminating Speaker removes unwanted background noise, hiss, hash, QRM, QRN, computer hash, plasma TV interference, white noise etc from speech.

It works on all radio bands and is suitable for shortwave listening and for use in commercial radio base stations as a noise cancelling extension speaker. 

The NES10-2 MK3 has a rotary filter control knob on the rear of the speaker allowing the user to change the filter level easily whilst using the speaker.


  • Fully Adaptive noise cancelling
  • Power on/off switch with audio bypass
  • Noise cancellation 9 - 35dB
  • 8 noise cancelling levels via rotary filter control knob
  • Compact robust speaker unit
  • Greatly improved signal to noise ratio
  • 3.5mm mono headphone socket (will drive another speaker)
  • Easy to install with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Noise Cancellation on / off switch
  • 12 – 24Vdc operation
  • Input sensitivity control
  • 2m audio lead

Order code NES10-2 MK3 Price £109.95 incl' VAT (£91.63 net) buy-it-now
Order code NES10-2 MK3_1030-UKPA_BUNDLE - NES10-2 MK3 and 1030-UKPA 12V DC mains plug-in UK power supply bundle - Price £117.90 incl' VAT (£98.25 NET)  buy-it-now

Order code NES10-2 MK3_1030-EUPA_BUNDLE - NES10-2 MK3 and 1030-eupa 12V DC mains plug-in europran power supply - Price only £117.90 incl' VAT (£98.25 NET)buy-it-now 

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  • 1030-VEPL:12-24VDC Fused In Vehicle Power Lead version £5.95 incl' VAT
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Note: NES10-2MK3 also sold in the USA by GAP Antenna Products Inc under the GAP HEAR IT brand as the HEAR IT SPEAKER

Do you have more than one radio?
Are you fed up removing cables and re-connecting them to your speaker?  Why not use one of the bhi switch boxes: 


The bhi two way Mini switch is an easy to use low cost solution that allows you to do this.  It comes supplied with two ALD-001 3.5mm audio plug leads and user guide.
1042 topleft web
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llows up to 6 pieces of equipment to be connected to a Noise Eliminating Speaker, In-line Module or Existing Extension Speaker.