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Search here for solutions to noisy speech signals in your radio and voice communications system

bhi design and manufacture DSP noise cancellation products that remove unwanted noise and interference from noisy radio and voice communication systems leaving the speech clear and intelligible for you to understand...Don't miss that important message!

Noise Cancelling in Action

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    • Speech and Diesel Engine

    • 20m SSB

    • CAT scanner treatment room

    • Dual In-Line 14MHz band filter level 4

  • DSPKR 10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker:

    "Beforehand I couldn't listen to lower band HF radio due to plasma TV from
    two next door neighboours. That changed when I bought your product and now now
    I can use my radio again, especially in the evening and when tv's are on."
    Ian McCallum

    "Unit works great, gets interference out very well. Would not be able
    operate my amateur radio at home location, I use a Kenwood TS450 HF
    Tansceiver" David Digweed VE3FOI

    DESKTOP 10 watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker: “I have sometimes
    been a little sceptical about DSP noise cancellation, but this really does
    reduce noise very effectively without any annoying and distracting DSP
    artefacts...” RadCom Jan ‘14 review

    Geoff Blore: “Transformed the output sound of my TS-930S providing as clear
    audio to match current rigs.”

    NEIM1031MKII DSP noise cancelling in-line module:

    "I found it to be very effective in noisy conditions on air. An excellent
    product" Dave Clench

    "The 1031 meant the difference between hearing HF signals and not hearing
    them. It has improved my HF operting no end and is excellent value for
    money" Stephen Slater G0PQB

    "Made it able to hear other ham radio users on HF and VHF that I would not
    have been able to hear without, this means I can have more contacts for my log
    book, also make using the radio more pleasureable to listen for longer
    periods" G Fullbrook