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PCB Modules - Low Level Audio

PCB Modules - Low Level Audio


NEDSP1901-KBD pre-wired low level audio DSP noise cancelling retrofit module
Replaces obsolete NEDSP1061-KBD
Yaesu FT-817/818 Note:  Unlike the previous NEDP1061-KBD module, this new direct replacement will only fit in the front position of the Yaesu FT-817/818.  If you have extra filters installed in your radio then you cannot fit the NEDSP1901-KBD module inside your radio.  In this case might consider the new compact NES10-2MK4 DSP noise cancelling speaker 

  • Product Number: NEDSP1901-KBD
  • £129.95


The NEDSP1901-PCB audio DSP noise cancelling module removes unwanted noise and interference from noisy speech signals giving you clear intelligible speech.
  • Product Number: NEDSP1901-PCB
  • £119.95


The NEDSP1901-PCB-MIC audio DSP noise cancelling module removes unwanted noise and interference  from noisy speech signals picked up from a microphone.
  • Product Number: NEDSP1901-PCB-MIC
  • £119.95


The New NEDSP900 is a low power dual channel DSP Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs from mic level up to line level, providing up to 40dB of noise suppression.

  • Product Number: NEDSP900
  • £109.95