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Datasheets for bhi products and accessories


1042 6-Way Switch Box Datasheet

ANEM Noise Away MKII Datasheet

ATT2 high to low level audio converter

ATT2 high to low level audio converter

bhi Infograhic 2015

bhi Infographic 2015 - Summary of some of our highlights to date

bhi Product Selection Booklet

bhi DSP noise cancelling product selection booklet

This small booklet explains a little about how the bhi DSP noise cancelling works, and the features of various bhi DSP noise cancelling products.  There is also a product selection flow chart to help you select the right bhi product for your application.  You can request a hard copy of this booklet by going to our CONTACT US page and filling in your details, adding bhi product selection booklet in the enquiry box.

CAT-MATE Datasheet

Compact In-Line datasheet

Compact In-Line datasheet

DESKTOP Speaker Datasheet

The new bhi DESKTOP 10 watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker will improve your listening experience by removing QRM, QRN, hiss, hash, noise and interference to leave clear speech. The DESKTOP will work with most radios, transceivers, receivers, and SDR radios, giving a new listening experience.


bhi Dual In-Line stand datasheet

DSPKR Datasheet

DSPKR Datasheet

Dual In-Line Datasheet

Dual In-Line datasheet

Helpsheet 1

RFI issues - Helpsheet 1

Helpsheet 2

Helpsheet 2


bhi HP-1 wired dynamic stereo headphones



bhi NCH active noise cancelling headphones (ANC) reduce ambient background noise enabling you to have a more enjoyable listening experience.

NEDSP1061-KBD Datasheet

NEDSP1061-PCB Datasheet

NEDSP1062-KBD Datasheet

NEDSP1062-PCB Datasheet

NEIM1031 MKII Datasheet

NEIS Datasheet

NEIS-RM25 Noise Cancelling Intercom Flyer

bhi NEIS-RM-25 Noise Cancelling Intercom Flyer

NEMS datasheet

NES10-2MKII Datasheet

NES5 Datasheet

NNTDSP Datasheet

ParaPro EQ20/EQ20B/EQ20-DSP/EQ20-BDSP Audio DSP Range Flyer

ParaPro EQ20/EQ20B/EQ20-DSP/EQ20B-DSP Audio DSP Product Range flyer

Radio Mate Compact Keypad Datasheet

RF Breakthrough FAQ

FAQ help sheet to help cure stray RF problems caused by raised RF levels.