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Speech Restoration

bhi DSP noise cancelling technology can clean up and improve the speech quality and intelligibility on noisy voice recordings from cctv audio, mobiles phone and audio cd/tape recordings.  This can be done in a number of ways by using on of our DSP noise cancelling In-Line modules or one of our other noise cancelling products.

NEIM1031MKII - Mono/single channel in-line unit that can take speaker level or line level audio.  There is a separate line level control for adjusting the line level input.

Dual In-Line - Stereo/Dual channel unit that can take stereo signals at speaker level or line level.  There is a line out socket, headphone socket and plane mono speaker level output on this unit.

Compact In-Line - Stereo/Dual channel unit that can take stereo signals at speaker level or line level.  There is an output socket that can connect straight to a pair of headphones or drive at line level. This unit is also suitable for portable use in real time as it is a compact, lightweight battery operated unit.

bhi DSP noise cancelling Low Level audio modules: You could also integrate one of our DSP noise cancelling pcb modules into your own audio equipment to clean up the noisy audio.  We can provide help and assistance with this process.  Check out the low level audio modules section for information on these products.  Please contact us for help and further information.