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*****NEDSP1061-PCB discontinued.  New NEDSP1901-PCB direct plug-in replacement available very soon.   The NEDSP1901 Incorporates the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology which gives clearer processed audioContact us for further information or email  quoting NEDSP1901-PCB

Noise Eliminating DSP PCB Module – This small compact DSP noise cancelling module is suited to commercial applications like ‘Hands Free’ carkits, covert surveillance, intercoms and CCTV where the module can be fitted into the microphone path to remove noise from the transmit/source end, or fitted into the receive path of the audio. Connections can be made via the 0.1" board connections.

Mounting options
By using standard 0.1” connectors the module can be mounted in a variety of orientations.The module can be plugged into another circuit board, or connectors. Four fixing holes are also provided.

Level controls are provided for input level, audio output level. The module features an overload LED on the audio input to give visual indication of the correct signal levelNEDSP1061 connection options.


  • Fully adaptive noise cancelling 9 to 35dB
  • Minimum distortion to audio signal
  • Suitable for OEM applications
  • Noise cancellation can be preset on PCB or remotely changed
  • Wide audio bandwidth for natural sound
  • Input and output level adjustment
  • Input overload indication LED
  • 5 - 15VDC operation
  • Remote noise cancellation on/off
  • Small size 28mm x 36mm x 12mm
  • Fits in Microphone path or line level

This module should only be fitted by a qualified engineer or person with the appropriate skills. bhi accepts no responsibility for the incorrect fitting or installation of the module and are not liable for any damage to equipment caused by it's fitment. Fitting this module may invalidate your warranty.

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    NEDSP1062-PCB Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This DSP noise cancelling module incorporates an on board power amplifier and is a basic module without all the pre-wired connections of the NEDSP1062-KBD version. This module is fits in the high-level audio/loudspeaker path and is more suitable for commercial applications and new designs. Connections are on a 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch allowing the module to be easily integrated into almost any system. The DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections.

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    DISCONTINUED REPLACED BY NEDSP1901-KBD Now available click here - This pre-wired DSP noise cancelling module is designed to clean up noisy speech signals in the low level audio path of radio receivers, commercial and amateur radio transceivers and audio systems.

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    Pre-wired amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module –  Why not upgrade your extension speaker to an amplified DSP noise cancelling speaker with this easy to install pre-wired pcb module.  Simply retrofits into the audio path of your extension speaker.  Suitable for all makes of passive speaker (space permitting).

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