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Commercial, PMR & Marine Radio

DSP noise cancelling products for use in noisy environments for commercial, pmr and Marine radio communications - clean up the audio so that you can hear the  speech!

Compact In-Line

Compact In-line DSP noise cancelling module  

  • Product Number: A-COMPACT IN-LINE
  • £179.95

Dual In-Line

Dual In-Line amplified DSP noise cancelling module with dual channel DSP noise cancellation. 

  • Product Number: A-Dual In-Line
  • £179.95
  • New lower Price!

NES10-2 MK4

NES10-2 MK4 5W amplified DSP Noise Eliminating Speaker 

  • Product Number: A-NES10-2MK4
  • £129.95


New DESKTOP MKII 10 watt amplified DSP noise cancelling base station speaker - Now includes the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology for even better receive audio!

  • Product Number: A-DESKTOPMKII
  • £199.95


DISCONTINUED - Replaced by the new In-Line Module or fully featured Dual In-Line module. 

  • Product Number: A-ANEM MKII
  • £139.95


DESKTOP NO LONGER AVAILABLE - See new DESKTOP MKII 10 Watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker

  • Product Number: A-DESKTOP
  • £179.95


Unfortunately this product has been discontinued, please check out the alternative products NES10-2MK4 or DESKTOP MKII

  • Product Number: DSPKR
  • £149.95

In-Line Module

New In-line Module 5W DSP noise cancelling module
  • Product Number: In-Line
  • £159.95


DISCONTINUED REPLACED BY NEDSP1901-KBD Now available click here - This pre-wired DSP noise cancelling module is designed to clean up noisy speech signals in the low level audio path of radio receivers, commercial and amateur radio transceivers and audio systems.

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1061-KBD
  • £109.95


*****NEDSP1061-PCB discontinued.  New NEDSP1901-PCB direct plug-in replacement available very soon.   The NEDSP1901 Incorporates the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology which gives clearer processed audio. Contact us for further information or email  quoting NEDSP1901-PCB

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1061-PCB
  • £99.95


Pre-wired amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module –  Why not upgrade your extension speaker to an amplified DSP noise cancelling speaker with this easy to install pre-wired pcb module.  Simply retrofits into the audio path of your extension speaker.  Suitable for all makes of passive speaker (space permitting).

  • Product Number: NEDSP1062-KBD
  • £119.95


NEDSP1062-PCB Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This DSP noise cancelling module incorporates an on board power amplifier and is a basic module without all the pre-wired connections of the NEDSP1062-KBD version. This module is fits in the high-level audio/loudspeaker path and is more suitable for commercial applications and new designs. Connections are on a 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch allowing the module to be easily integrated into almost any system. The DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections.

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1062-PCB
  • £114.95


The New NEDSP900 is a low power dual channel DSP Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs from mic level up to line level, providing up to 40dB of noise suppression.

  • Product Number: NEDSP900
  • £109.95


DISCONTINUED - Replaced by the new In-Line Module or fully featured Dual In-Line module. 

  • Product Number: A-NEIM1031MKII
  • £149.95


SPKR8 8 Ohm 8 Watt extension speaker 

  • Product Number: SPKR8
  • £24.95