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Get rid of noise and hear the patient!

Noise Cancelling Intercom System for improving the speech quality in noisy medical treatment environments

The bhi noise eliminating intercom system uses unique fully adaptive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to enable clear voice communications from within noisy environments.  Unwanted background noise and interference is removed or reduced to leave clear intelligible speech. 

The NEIS-RM intercom system is suitable for use in a wide range of noisy environments where the sounds of fans, motors, engines, air-conditioning, traffic etc give rise to poor voice communications at the far end where someone in an office or gatehouse is trying to understand the caller.

The system was designed to improve the voice quality in medical treatment rooms where radiotherapy and CT scanners are installed.  Voice communications between the treatment room and control room will be greatly improved.  This is very important if a patient under treatment becomes stressed and tries to communicate with the control room.  If a normal intercom is used there is a good chance that the patient may not be heard or understood.

The bhi NEIS system consists of a robust, stylish desktop control unit with a “push-to-talk" (ptt) button, connected to a remote “hands free” speaker unit with a connections for a 25ft microphone assembly that can be located to suit the patients position. Operation of the bhi intercom system is simple with connections between the control room and treatment room being made via a single straight cat 5 data cable connection with power being supplied by a medical power supply fitted in the control room side.

Suitable applications include hospital radiotherapy and CT scanner treatment rooms, Mining comms, Help Points, Transport, Refineries, Factories and buildings, drive thru’s, weigh bridges, car park entry systems, toll booths, door entry etc.

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  • Up to 98% noise reduction
  • Superb audio quality and speech clarity
  • Easy to install modular system using CAT 5 data cable
  • Stylish desktop speaker console with ptt
  • Robust speaker unit with remote microphone connection
  • 25ft remote microphone assembly
  • Microphone extension cables and a microphone stand available as extras
  • Medical power supply 12 VDC (300mA)
  • Speaker unit dims (WxDxH) 180 x 160 x 240mm
  • Control unit dims (WxDxH) 150 x 220 x 70mm
  • System weight 4.5Kg

The NEIS-RM25 noise eliminating intercom system comprises the following items:

  • NEIS-DU - Desk control unit with "push-to-talk" switch
  • NEIS-SPKR - Speaker unit 
  • NEIS-MIC - 25ft microphone assembly
  • NEIS-PSU- Medical Power supply
  • User manual and installation guide

Hospital/medical applications:

The NEIS-RM25 intercom system is suitable for installation with TomoTherapy/Accuray scanners and most other makes of radiotherapy machines and CT scanners.

A full installation and service back up option is available for customers who already have a TomoTherapy Hi-ART® System installed or who are going to have a system installed in the future, Please contact Accuray direct for more information of this service .

Upgrades for existing TomoTherapy Hi-ART® systems are simple and easy to install with a minimum amount of disruption and down time, and can easily be carried out by in-house personnel. The NEIS-RM25 system also works well with equipment from other manufacturer's.

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Testimonial “The intercom system provided by BHI for our Radiation Therapy system enables us to have clear and effective two way communication during patient treatment sessions. The system is discreet, robust and able to cope with the background noise from the machines we use. The service we have received since implementing the first system has continued to be excellent.” Bupa Cromwell Hospital London
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    Replacement 25ft long microphone assembly terminated with 3 pin mini XLR connector for the NEIS-RM25 intercom system.

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    Mains plug-in 12v DC medical grade power supply - for use with the NEIS-RM25 noise cancelling intercom.

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    Replacement desk unit for use on NEIS-RM25 noise cancelling intercom system.

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    30ft microphone extension cable.  Extends the NEIS-MIC microphone cable to 55ft. Supplied with 1x male mini XLR connector plug on one end and 1 x mini XLR socket on the other end. 

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    50ft extension cable.  Supplied with 1x male mini XLR connector plug on one end and 1 x mini XLR socket on the other end. Extends the NEIS-MIC microphone cable to 75ft.

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    Replacement NEIS-SPKR remote speaker unit for use with bhi NEIS-RM25 noise cancelling intercom system.

    Price £969.00
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