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Accessories, audio adapters, audio leads, power supplies and power leads for use with bhi's range of noise cancelling products


The 1031-STAND is made from high impact clear acrylic and is designed for mounting the NEIM1031MKII noise eliminating in-line module. 

  • Product Number: A-1031-STAND
  • £9.95

1042 Six Way Switch Box

1042 6-way switch box allows up to 6 pieces of equipment to connect to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product.

  • Product Number: A-1042-BK
  • £39.95


Set of 3 protective Rubber feet for the DESKTOP speaker, 2 x 16mm and 1 x 6mm.  16mm feet fit next to the front plastic feet. and the 6mm fits onto the metal bracket.

  • Product Number: DESKTOP_FEET
  • £1.99

Dual In-Line Stand

Quality lightweight Perspex mounting stand for the Dual In-Line module
  • Product Number: DUAL-STAND
  • £9.95


Ferite Ring - 38mm (1.5”) diameter ferrite ring, TVI/RFI

  • Product Number: Ferr-001
  • £1.99


The bhi Ground Breaker audio isolation unit offers a simple solution to RFI and ground loop audio breakthrough

Mini Switch

The bhi Mini Switch is a two-way switch box enabling the connection of two radios to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product. 

  • Product Number: A-Mini Switch
  • £19.95


Spare rotary filter control knob for bhi NEIM1031MKII and NES10-2MK3.  

  • Product Number: ROTARY1031
  • £2.95