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DSP Noise Cancelling In-line Modules

DSP Noise Cancelling In-line Modules for use with your radio, receiver or SDR.


The bhi ANEM MKII ‘Noise Away’ Amplified Noise Elimination Module is a compact, easy to use, in-line solution to noise and interference problems in voice and radio communications. 

  • Product Number: A-ANEM MKII
  • £139.95

Compact In-Line

Compact battery operated handheld mono/stereo/dual channel DSP noise eliminating in-line module incorporating bhi's latest DSP noise cancelling technology.

  • Product Number: A-COMPACT IN-LINE
  • £179.95

Dual In-Line

The bhi Dual In-Line DSP noise eliminating module provides mono and stereo DSP noise cancellation.  It is suitable for use on all radios and receivers including SDR, but especially those with stereo or two channel output options.

  • Product Number: A-Dual In-Line
  • £199.00


DISCONTINUED - After 15 successful years the bhi NEIM1031MKII in line module has been discontinued due to component obsolescence.  It has been replaced by the new improved bhi Dual In-Line in line module.  Click here to view the Dual In-Line.

  • Product Number: A-NEIM1031MKII
  • £149.95