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DSP Noise Cancelling In-line Modules

In-line DSP noise cancellation modules for cleaning up noisy audio on all radio bands


The bhi ANEM MKII ‘Noise Away’ Amplified Noise Elimination Module is a compact, easy to use, in-line solution to noise and interference problems in voice and radio communications. 

  • Product Number: A-ANEM MKII
  • £139.95

Compact In-Line

Compact mono/stereo DSP noise eliminating in-line module  

  • Product Number: A-COMPACT IN-LINE
  • £179.95

Dual In-Line

Dual In-Line DSP noise eliminating in-line module with mono or stereo DSP noise cancellation. 

  • Product Number: A-Dual In-Line
  • £199.00


DISCONTINUED - After 15 successful years the bhi NEIM1031MKII in line module has been discontinued due to component obsolescence.  It has been replaced by the new improved bhi Dual In-Line in line module.  Click here to view the Dual In-Line.

  • Product Number: A-NEIM1031MKII
  • £149.95