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Compact In-Line
Compact In-Line stereo DSP noise cancelling module

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Compact In-Line
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Dramatically improve your audio quality with the bhi Compact In-Line module!

Compact In-Line DSP noise cancelling module with bhi's latest world-class DSP noise cancelling technology

Remove noise and interference so you can hear the speech clearly....for a stress free listening experience!

Easy to use for "real time" DSP noise cancelling
The bhi Compact In-Line DSP noise cancelling module works with headphones or a loudspeaker and is very easy to set up so you can enjoy your listening experience straight away.  This intuitive microprocessor controlled unit has two rotary encoders with push buttons that perform all the functions, enabling you to change the settings quickly and easily in "real time" to suit your current operating conditions.

High-performance audio processing
The powerful high-performance audio processing system and unique DSP noise cancelling algorithm is able to distinguish the speech from the noise and interference within the audio signal.  This results in clear intelligible speech under most conditions and works especially well on weak signals.

Compact In-Line connections
The Compact In-Line module can be powered from a 12V DC power supply or by two AA alkaline or NiMH batteries for portable mobile use.  Input connections are made via the separate 3.5mm speaker level and line level audio input sockets.  The output socket can drive a pair of stereo headphones, a mono loudspeaker or a pair of powered stereo speakers.  

Simple control of all functions
The Compact In-Line functions are microprocessor controlled by two rotary encoders with pushbuttons.  The unit can be adjusted in "real time" to suit your own noisy conditions. The “Power/Volume” control switches the unit on and off and adjusts the audio volume.  The “Filter Level” control adjusts the filter level in "real time" enabling you to respond quickly to changes in conditions.  Press the filter button to hear the difference!  You can also select between a single mono signal or stereo mode.  The Compact In-Line is particularly useful for portable/mobile use as it can be powered by 2 x AA batteries.  The unit is suitable for use on all radios and receivers and software defined radios (SDR), including Elecraft and FlexRadio products. 


  • Latest bhi world-class DSP noise cancelling technology 9 to 40dB
  • Powerful high-performance audio processing system
  • Ultra low latency of 32mS
  • Processed speech much clearer and more intelligible
  • Simple easy to use with "real time" control of all functions
  • Use with headphones,a passive speaker or powered speakers
  • Mono or stereo inputs
  • LED overload indication
  • Ideal for portable use, DXing, and special event stations
  • Over 40 hours battery life with 2 x AA alkaline or AA NiMH batteries


Power Supply:
External supply: 8 to 16V (nominally 30mA, max 350mA peak)
Reverse polarity protected
Internal batteries: Type: AA x 2 (Alkaline or NiMh recommended)
Reverse polarity protected
Low battery indication threshold: 2.1V ±0.1V
Low battery indication: LED colour changes to red.
End-of-life threshold: <1.5V
Life: 40 hours typical (Alkaline or 2500mAH NiMh).
Auto power-off: 60 minutes if input signal < 60mVpk-pk
Auto power-off can be disabled if desired.

Audio Inputs
Speaker level in: Stereo or Mono
Input Impedance: ~7 Ohms
Max withstand input power: 2 Watts RMS per channel
Max input amplitude: 3.9Vpk-pk
Line level in: Stereo of Mono
Impedance: 6.7k Ohms typical
Max input amplitude: 1.6Vpk-pk
Overload indication: LED flashes for at least 3 seconds

Audio Outputs
Phones out: Stereo or Mono
Impedance: > 4 Ohms (Can also be used as Line Level output).
Max power output: 0.2 Watts RMS per channel
Volume levels: 16 levels in 3dB steps.

DSP Noise Filtering
Powerful High-performance audio processor
Modes: Enabled / Disabled (DSP filter off)
Levels: 8
Noise suppression: 8 to 40dB
Tone suppression: Up to 65dB
Ultra low latency of 38mS

Size & weight
Size 125 x 70 x 37mm
Unit weight 0.125Kg                                  


"The noise elimination achieved was very worthwhile and the unit was easy to use. As its name suggests the Compact In-Line is very compact and the integrated battery power facility makes it ideal for use on holiday or for a spot of hilltop listening"
Mike Richards G4WNC - Radio User magazine

"I thought you might enjoy seeing your Compact In-Line installed in my K3 and KX3 Station.  It is sitting on top of a small audio amplifier (to the right of the KX3) which powers the two speakers.  It works GREAT!  (Possibly even better than your mono units.)  Makes the general radio and atmospheric noise level drop away which, in turn, makes listening so much more enjoyable.  Any SWL listener would be thrilled with the improvement, as well."

“I had never tried “stereo” audio from my rigs until getting the Compact In-Line. There is a significant increase in listening enjoyment by using stereo audio. The Compact In-Line greatly reduces the audio “hiss” and makes the audio generally quieter and much easier to listen to.”

“The setup of the Compact In-Line is very intuitive, albeit after a brief reading of the information sheet. All changes in volume and processing are indicated audibly by means of beep tones. Changes in the processing level show as variations in audio beep frequency, e.g. increases in processor levels are conveyed by increases in the frequency of the tone produced. Very easy to follow.” James Robbins N1JR

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