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DSP Noise Cancelling Speakers

bhi DSP Noise Cancelling Speakers clean up your noisy audio so that you can hear the speech more clearly and listen stress free!


10Watt DESKTOP DSP noise cancelling base station speaker.

  • Product Number: A-DESKTOP
  • £179.95


The DSPKR 10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker incorporates unique DSP technology to remove unwanted background noise and interference from speech.   Simply connect power and audio and you can benefit from the superb bhi DSP noise cancelling.  Take the stress out of listening!

  • Product Number: AT-DSPKR
  • £139.95

NES10-2 MK3

The NES10-2 MK3 DSP Noise Eliminating Speaker removes unwanted background noise, hiss, hash, and interference to leave clear speech!

  • Product Number: A-NES10-2 MK3
  • £99.95