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20m SSB

Dramatically reduce unwanted noise and interference!

The bhi DESKTOP 10 Watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker removes noise and interference to leave clear speech. It works on all types of radio, transceivers, receivers, and SDR radios, giving a new listening experience.  The intuitive rotary controls make it very easy to use and set up to your own operating conditions.

The DESKTOP speaker comprises a 4" bass driver and a 1" tweeter unit with an amplified bhi DSP noise cancelling unit capable of producing up to 10 Watts audio (peak).  There are rotary controls on the side of the speaker for volume and filter level control.

The DESKTOP accepts either a standard speaker level audio signal from an extension speaker socket (4 or 8 Ohm) or a line level input signal can be connected via the separate "Line Level" socket on the rear of the speaker (useful for SDR radio and connection to Elecraft and Flexradio products). There is a 3.5mm headphone socket below the main controls that can accept either 3.5mm mono or 3.5mm stereo headphones.

The speaker is supplied with a quality 1.2 metre audio cable with a moulded 3.5mm jack plug on one end and 4mm banana plugs on the other, as well as a 2.1mm fused DC power lead and user manual.

Click here for the excellent QST review of the DESKTOP DSP speaker in the Mar '15 QST magazine


  • Quality 10Watt amplified DSP base station speaker
  • 4" bass driver and 1" tweeter for excellent audio
  • Works with most radios and receivers including SDR radios
  • Simple to operate with intuitive rotary encoder controls
  • Speaker level and line level audio input connections
  • Audio input level overload feature
  • Noise reduction 9 to 35dB (8 levels)
  • All functions microprocessor controlled
  • 3.5mm headphone socket (mono or stereo phones)


DC Power
Connector type                                      2.1mm DC power jack (centre positive)
Input voltage                                        12 to 18 Volts DC
Input current                                        10mA standby
                                                            125mA active (no signal)
                                                            2.5A peak
Line Level Audio Input
Connector type                                     3.5mm Mono or Stereo line level
Input voltage range                              160mV to 1.6V pk-pk
Input impedance                                  10kΩ (±2kΩ) nominal

Speaker Level Audio Input
Connector type                                     2 x 4mm banana socket/screw binding posts (mono)
Input voltage range                              350mV to 3.5V pk-pk
Input impedance                                  8Ω (±2Ω) nominal
Input power rating                                1.5W max

Audio Output
Speaker output power                            10W peak (supply voltage of 18V)
Bandwidth                                             50Hz to 4.3kHz
Volume levels                                        16 levels (3dB steps)
Headphone output                                 3.5mm mono or stereo (8 to 64 Ohms)

DSP Noise Cancellation
Filter levels                                            8 levels + off
Noise reduction                                     9dB to 35dB
Tone reduction                                      4dB to 65dB

Status LED                                            Multicolour LED (red, amber, green)
Audio tones                                           Power-up, power-down, DSP filter level, volume and memory store
                                                              Input overload indication.
Power/Volume                                        Digital rotary encoder with push function
DSP level                                               Digital rotary encoder with push function

Weight                                                   1.90kg (shipping weight)
Dimensions                                             200(H) x 150(D) x 160(W)mm

Note: Elecraft K3 users:  To connect to the K3 using the speaker lead supplied you need to either make up an audio lead with a 3.5mm stereo plug (tip only connected) to a 3.5mm mono socket, or purchase one of our ALD-009 leads, or alternatively use a 3.5mm stereo plug to plug lead and connect from your K3 to the line in socket on the DESKTOP speaker (ALD-007).


“I have sometimes been a little sceptical about DSP noise cancellation, but this really does reduce noise very effectively without any annoying and distracting DSP artefacts...”
RadCom Jan ‘14 review

Geoff Blore:
“Transformed the output sound of my TS-930S providing as clear audio to match current rigs.”

Mr. B Hiley:
“The DESKTOP speaker is great, audio is crisp and clear, brilliant!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your amazing Desktop (10W) DSP Speaker. I bought it from you @ the Kempton Park Rally - I tried it for the 1st time this Sunday on a noisy 40m band and was gobsmacked! Your unit made a fine job eliminating the crud picked up by the radio.  I now consider your noise eliminating speaker an essential bit of kit in my ham shack! Thank you very very much.” John G1WVN.

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    Set of 3 protective Rubber feet for the DESKTOP speaker, 2 x 16mm and 1 x 6mm.  16mm feet fit next to the front plastic feet. and the 6mm fits onto the metal bracket.

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    The DSPKR 10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker incorporates unique DSP technology to remove unwanted background noise and interference from speech.   Simply connect power and audio and you can benefit from the superb bhi DSP noise cancelling.  Take the stress out of listening!

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