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Really hear the difference with this quality 10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker

The DSPKR DSP noise cancelling speaker incorporates unique DSP technology to remove unwanted background noise and interference from speech, and has up to 7 DSP filter levels allowing the user adjust the filter for their level of noise and interference.  The speaker simply connects into the extension speaker socket or headphone socket of your audio equipment and requires 10 - 16 V DC (1A min).

The DSPKR comprises a wide frequency range 4” speaker and an audio amplifier capable of producing up to 10-Watts audio power, with built in bhi DSP noise cancelling technology.  The unit also has a sleep mode, and requires an audio input signal of between 80 and 500mV level and a DC supply of between 10 and 16 Volts (2A).  The unit is supplied with an attached black 2 metre audio cable with a moulded 3.5mm jack plug for the audio input, and a red/black 2.1mm fused DC power lead with bare ends.  A 3.5mm mono auxiliary output socket is provided to allow the speaker to be used with headphones or to drive another loudspeaker.  A 12V DC plug-in mains power supply PSU12-1A is available as an optional extra.

Want to connect two radios to your bhi unit or speaker?  The bhi two-way Mini Switch is an easy to use low cost solution that allows you to do this.  It comes supplied with two ALD-001 3.5mm audio plug leads to connect to your radios, and instructions for use.


  • 10 Watts audio output power
  • Fully Adaptive noise cancelling 9 - 24dB
  • 7 filter levels
  • Simple pushbutton control of DSP functions
  • Audio level indicator to optimise filter function
  • Separate volume control
  • Filter level store function
  • Sleep mode to conserve battery power
  • Easy to install with adjustable mounting bracket
  • 10 – 16Vdc operation
  • Auxiliary output socket for headphones or loudspeaker
  • Up to 6 Watts input
  • Dims: 135(W) x 130(H) x 85 (D)mm
  • Weight 0.85Kg
  • Supplied with 1030-FPL fused DC power lead and user manual

USA Customers: Sold in the USA by GAP Antenna Products Inc
and by W4RT Electronics  


"Beforehand I couldn't listen to lower band HF radio due to plasma TV from two next door neighboours. That changed when I bought your product and now now I can use my radio again, especially in the evening and when tv's are on."
Ian McCallum

"Filters the noise and allows me to concentrate on what I want to listen to.  Thank you."
Alan Garner

"Unit works great, gets interference out very well. Would not be able operate my amateur radio at home location,  I use a Kenwood TS450 HF Tansceiver"
David Digweed VE3FOI

"bhi have a proven pedigree in noise reduction and the DSPKR builds on this to deliver a particularly compact and powerful unit that works well in both mobile and base station applications. The very simple single button operation worked well and the facility to store your favourite setting helped make operation of the DSPKR a real breeze. Noise reduction performance was excellent with useful improvements available over a wide range of listening conditions. The noise reduction settings were particularly well chosen and all were usable under the appropriate conditions"
RadCom Feb '10 Mike Richards G4WNC

I noticed your advertisement in the October edition of Radio User magazine. After carrying out some research via you tube, I purchased from you the DSPKR, which arrived the day after ordering. ( ordered 04/10/2016).  I carried out a test on Shanwick, 5650 KHz, and Volmet military, 5450 KHz, which from my location are radio 2 to 3 stations in terms of audio quality.  The DSPKR increased the audio quality to radio 4 to 5 which in all honesty I was very pleased and surprised at.  Random signals within the 6 MHz band with audio quality around radio 1-2 suddenly became readable with ease.  I am delighted with the product and on that I congratulate your firm.  The DSPKR has transformed my short wave listening hobby to a higher level.  I use the DSPKR in conjunction with a Tecsun S2000 and a random length long wire antenna with a balun.  I would highly recommend this product and personally consider it an essential piece of DX kit.  Research source, YouTube, enter DSPKR, three short videos by Tony M0RIF, UK. Chris Williams UK

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