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PCB Modules - Low Level Audio

PCB Modules - Low Level Audio


This pre-wired DSP noise cancelling module is designed to clean up noisy speech signals in the low level audio path of radio receivers, commercial and amateur radio transceivers and audio systems.

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1061-KBD
  • £109.95


*****Item discontinued see alternative NEDSP900 module with improved DSP noise cancelling technology giving clearer process audio. Small DSP noise cancelling PCB Module – Basic DSP module suited to commercial applications. Connections can be made via the 0.1" board connections. Can be fitted directly in the audio path of the target system or used with a microphone pre-amplifier on the front end.

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1061-PCB
  • £99.95


The NEDSP1068-PCBA is a small PCB module with an on-board AGC microphone preamplifier with DSP noise cancellation technology.

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1068-PCBA
  • £109.95


Small DSP noise cancellation PCB module with an onboard AGC microphone preamp

  • Product Number: A-NEDSP1068-PCBA-MIC
  • £119.95


The New NEDSP900 is a low power dual channel DSP Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs from mic level up to line level, providing up to 40dB of noise suppression.

  • Product Number: NEDSP900
  • £109.95