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How does it work?

Using unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the bhi range of DSP noise elimination products remove unwanted background noise and interference from noisy speech signals to leave the processed signal much clearer and intelligible, reducing stress and enabling the user to concentrate more on what is actually being said.

The DSP processes the signal and differentiates the noise from the speech. This unwanted noise and interference is then attenuated to leave only the speech. The DSP technology is fully adaptive and no adjustments are necessary.

The signal is constantly monitored, and the DSP automatically adapts to any changes in the signal conditions.

What can it remove?

Noise can come from two areas

  • Transmitting end (picked up by a microphone from within a noisy environment)
  • Transmission process (interference) and Transmitting noise source.

This type of noise is picked up by the transmitting microphone and passed along with the speech signal to the destination, for example:

  • Road noise
  • Engine noise
  • Wind noise
  • Crowded environments
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Transmission noise (Interference)
  • This type of noise is added to the transmitted signal on route to the destination, for example:
  • Poor reception conditions
  • Weather
  • Other transmitted signals
  • Distance.

The bhi range of noise elimination products can remove both of these types of noise without significantly altering the speech signal.


  • Amateur radio
  • HF, VHF, UHF communications
  • Marine communications
  • Surveillance, security and video
  • CCTV
  • Emergency services
  • Military and covert communications
  • Audio restoration
  • Transport communications
  • Hands free kits

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Listen to what our customers and reviewers have said about how our noise cancelling products removed noise and interference and improved there listening experience:

Myself and several members of the Ears club(Echelford) put the unit through its paces and are all very very impressed with its performance. Particularly those who have hearing problems and wear a hearing aid.

I can now pick out sigs out of the noise I could not before especially on 1.8MHz. CW is most clarified.

Given the amount of electronic ‘hash’ on the bands it makes listening much less stressful and also lets the audio through.

Efficient reduction of static on the lower amateur bands. Reduction of stress factor on trying to sort out the signal from the white noise. Increases the listening pleasure of net involvement. Suppresses to some extent reception of spurious sideband intrusion from over modulation of adjacent SSB transmissions. Clarifies to some extent ‘wooly’ speech defect on modulation of callers transmission.
And that’s after only 15 minutes of use!.
Well done.

I know its already being praised but I add my thanks for a wonderful bit of kit which has been the best buy Iv’e made in radio in many years. To kill off all that tiring background noise was something I thought impossible, for someone already struggling with their hearing like me its a dream......


I have used the unit mobile and in the shack and would recommend it to any amateur or swl. Well done bhi “A QUALITY BRITISH PRODUCT THAT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF”
I have not experimented, so far with the different settings and am using the equipment as delivered. Noise reduction is marked making operating much more pleasant. With a portable rig which which has a very small speaker audio is much improved.

Very often the noise levels on the SW HF bands shows S5 on the radio’s meter making life very difficult listening to voices, even at S8 & 9, but I am very happy that the NES10-2 is able to cut down the noise and interference to such a level that a voice is almost like a phone call. There is some semblance of an echo in the background, but is not too disturbing. I am using the unit on step 6, and have heard Japan and Australia amateurs very clearly indeed with very little background noise at all. Well bone bhi, and thank you for a product which I will recommend.

I just bought one of your Noise Eliminating Speakers NES 10-2 from the York Rally and I thought I must write straight away to tell you how delighted I am. On 40, 20 & 15 mtrs I have continuous 57/8 noise and although I can manage with a struggle with weak stations I find it hard going. I connected the NES 10-2 to my Icom 706 when I arrived home and the improvement, with the level 3 setting that you advise, is truly remarkable. I am now experimenting with the other levels but to be quite honest I think I will leave it on level three as this is vast improvement compared with no speaker connected.

"I own a JRC NRD545 DSP receiver which as always produced audio that I found really harsh to listen to on single sideband. On Saturday at the GQRP convention I purchased NES10-2 speaker on a recommendation from a friend. I have owned and still own many audio filters of one sort or another but your product was a revelation. The NES10-2 does exactly what it says on the tin and I can now enjoy listening to my receiver."
Best regards Ken

“On 40, 20, & 15 mtrs, I had constant 57/8 noise, I connected the NES10-2 to my rig and the improvement was truly remarkable”
Terry G0VTI

“An excellent easy-to-use plug-in accessory that can significantly improve your receivers audio performance and readability”
RadCom review Dec 2002

"I am listening to a QSO on 40 metres with extensive static crashes, all the amateur stations are complaining about the conditions, your speaker is coping well with the crashes and given their frequency and strength this is no mean feat, once again many thanks."


"Beforehand I couldn't listen to lower band HF radio due to plasma TV from two next door neighboours. That changed when I bought your product and now now I can use my radio again, especially in the evening and when tv's are on."
Ian McCallum

"Filters the noise and allows me to concentrate on what I want to listen to. Thank you."
Alan Garner

"Unit works great, gets interference out very well. Would not be able operate my amateur radio at home location, I use a Kenwood TS450 HF Tansceiver"
David Digweed VE3FOI

"bhi have a proven pedigree in noise reduction and the DSPKR builds on this to deliver a particularly compact and powerful unit that works well in both mobile and base station applications. The very simple single button operation worked well and the facility to store your favourite setting helped make operation of the DSPKR a real breeze. Noise reduction performance was excellent with useful improvements available over a wide range of listening conditions. The noise reduction settings were particularly well chosen and all were usable under the appropriate conditions"
RadCom Feb '10 Mike Richards G4WNC

“I have sometimes been a little sceptical about DSP noise cancellation, but this really does reduce noise very effectively without any annoying and distracting DSP artefacts...”
RadCom Jan ‘14 review

Geoff Blore:
“Transformed the output sound of my TS-930S providing as clear audio to match current rigs.”

Mr. B Hiley:
“The DESKTOP speaker is great, audio is crisp and clear, brilliant!”


"I found it to be very effective in noisy conditions on air. An excellent product"
Dave Clench

"The 1031 meant the difference between hearing HF signals and not hearing them. It has improved my HF operting no end and is excellent value for money"
Stephen Slater G0PQB

"Made it able to hear other ham radio users on HF and VHF that I would not have been able to hear without, this means I can have more contacts for my log book, also make using the radio more pleasureable to listen for longer periods"
G Fullbrook


"The ANEM is a terrific accessory device for any transceiver. I've found that it mad a great improvement in my overall operating environment"
Mike Schatzberg W2AJI

"Excellent! I recently purchased the bhi DSPKR for my icom 706 radio and Wow!  It's like listening to FM on HF.  I also had the bhi "internal" filter installed by W4RT on my new Yaesu FT-897D & LOVE IT! (11-14-14). Looks great & looks like a factory upgrade! I love this DSP filter" Danny Garris

"My wife bought me one of these for Christmas last year. I finally installed it a month ago into a 26-year-old Kenwood TS-440S/AT. I've had issues with noise washing out faint signals, but now I can hear them much more readily.  It's great"
Ronald W Fox, Willow Springs, Illinois USA


"40 MTR unusable, 80 SSB MTR unusable.  Both bands now completely usable.  Very many thanks, 73's. Jon. Even better than sliced bread Hi Hi" Jon Blaylock

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