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NEDSP1061-KBD - FT-897 Install
NEDSP1061-KBD - FT-897 Install module

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NEDSP1061-KBD - FT-897 Install
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20m SSB

Pick out those weak signals with this DSP module

DISCONTINUED REPLACED BY NEDSP1901-KBD - Instructions are the same as NEDSP1061-KBD

The bhi NEDSP1061-KBD Pre-wired audio DSP noise cancelling module Integrates directly into the low level audio path of your receiver, transceiver or audio system, giving you excellent DSP noise cancellation and greatly improve speech quality. The module features DSP ON/OFF and up to 8 levels of DSP filtering via a small pushbutton interface keyboard. The module is supplied with general installation instructions plus specific fitting guides for the Yaesu FT-817, Kenwood TS-50 and Icom 706 MK II G. There are also 3rd party instructions available in the "Amateur Radio Installs" section for the Yaesu FT-847, FT-897, FRG100, Realistic DX-394, Alinco DX-77 and the Kenwood TS440. Other radios can also benefit from this module. contact us for more information. The module can also be used to enable a quick evaluation of the noise cancelling properties for commercial applications when considering the basic NEDSP1061-PCB module.

Installation information:
Just four wires are used to connect the module in circuit: Audio In, Audio out, 0V and Power. All that's left to do is drill holes to accommodate the switch assembly and label. Fitting kit supplied.

Adjustable Level controls are provided for input level and audio output level. The module features an overload LED on the audio input to give visual indication of the correct signal level.The volume level of the beeper can be adjusted to suit.

Fully adaptive noise cancelling 9 to 35dB
Minimum distortion to audio signal
Up to 8 user selectable noise cancelling levels
Single button operation with LED and audible indication
Wide audio bandwidth for natural sound
Input and output level adjustment
Beep level adjustment
Input overload indication LED
Last used DSP level stored in memory (filter off)
5 - 15V DC operation



"Excellent! I recently purchased the bhi DSPKR for my icom 706 radio and Wow! It's like listening to FM on HF. I also had the bhi "internal" filter installed by W4RT on my new Yaesu FT-897D & LOVE IT! (11-14-14). Looks great & looks like a factory upgrade! I love this DSP filter" Danny Garris