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Boost your speaker with this easy to fit retrofit DSP module!

NEDSP1062-KBD - Pre-wired amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module
Why not upgrade your extension speaker to an amplified DSP noise cancelling speaker with this easy to install pre-wired pcb module with all connections fitted.  Simply retrofits into the audio path of your extension speaker.  Suitable for all makes of passive speaker.

The NEDSP1062-KBD noise cancelling module incorporates DSP noise cancelling with an on board power amplifier.  It has an integral microcontroller connected to a small pcb assembly which controls the modules functions via the small push buttons. The module can easily be retrofitted into the loudspeaker audio path any passive extension speaker, like the Kenwood SP31, Yaesu SP8 and Icom SP20/21/23 etc.  It could also be used to ‘revive’ your old receiver/transceiver by fitting the module into the speaker path of your equipment (space permitting).

The module is supplied with Generic Instructions, a fused DC power lead, fitting kit and specific fitting guides for the Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8. Other installation guides for the following speakers:

The module is inserted into the target circuit in line with the loudspeaker. The power connector is prewired, and corresponding fused power lead is supplied. The control keyboard is mounted in a convenient location, and finished with a supplied matt black profession label.

The NEDSP1062-KBD comes complete with fitting instructions for Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8 speakers, along with generic instructions for most other types of passive extension speaker.


  • 8 levels noise cancellation up to 35dB
  • Simple to fit pre-wired DSP module
  • Virtually no distortion to the speech
  • Frequency response 50Hz - 4.3KHz
  • Visual and audible indication of DSP level
  • Input and Output level controls
  • 3 watts output (4 ohms) with audio bypass
  • Small size 37 x 50mm
  • 12 - 18VDC voltage supply range
  • Supplied with fitting kit, labels, fused dc power lead and install instructions

"Best cop I have had on 40 MTRS" 
James M Madigan Sr, Chicago

"The module comes with excellent fitting instructions and the on-air performance in improving readability of weak SSB signals or those in noisy conditions was excellent. I already use a bhi
unit (how's that for a recommendation!), but if I hadn't already got one this would not have been returned to the supplier - instead I would have bought it for use in my station."
Chris Lorek G4HCL

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    1042 Six Way Switch Box

    1042 6-way switch box allows up to 6 pieces of equipment to connect to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product.

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    A-Mini Switch

    Mini Switch

    The bhi Mini Switch is a two-way switch box enabling the connection of two radios to your bhi DSP noise cancelling product. 

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    DISCONTINUED - Replaced by the new In-Line Module or fully featured Dual In-Line module. 

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    NEDSP1062-PCB Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This DSP noise cancelling module incorporates an on board power amplifier and is a basic module without all the pre-wired connections of the NEDSP1062-KBD version. This module is fits in the high-level audio/loudspeaker path and is more suitable for commercial applications and new designs. Connections are on a 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch allowing the module to be easily integrated into almost any system. The DSP operation can be preset or remotely controlled from the PCB connections.

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